Woodworking and Resin: How to get in on the best new furniture trend

Woodworking and Resin: How to get in on the best new furniture trend You’re probably asking, “What’s the big deal with resin anyways?” We’re here to explain. Using resin in woodworking is great to add interest, color, and surprisingly enough – sturdiness to your wood project. There is an infinite amount of ways to combine resin with woodworking, so we will just show you a few of our favorite projects made at I Made It Workshop. Adding items to resin In this project, they decided to add bits of leaves and berries floating in the resin. It adds an extra element of nature and woods to the piece. We’ve also had pieces where people added coins, small toys, and even a mini-figurine!                                                       Here they added peacock feathers and bits of lavender in between a piece of pine and walnut to create a desktop.     Pour-Overs Resin is most often commercially used for bar tops because they add extreme durability and great looking shine that is hard to replicate any other way! In […]

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Summer Woodworking Projects: All made in 1 day or less
June 17, 2017 by cassandra in Design Ideas 11 Comments

Summertime is here! That means it’s time to combine the best two things: Summer and Woodworking. We’ve gathered the very best in summer woodworking project ideas perfect to complete your outdoor space and make your hot summer seem easy and breezy. The Classic Beer Caddy With how many barbeques and pool side parties you’ll be going to, this caddy is always a hit! Use it as a dad-chic way to spruce up the usual six pack and with a variety of beers. You could even give it as a gift to the party host!   2.  Time to make: 3 hours This project is super simple to make in our workshop and can even be done in one evening!   2. The Colorado Flag Show off your Colorado pride this summer (or your other favorite state!) With the simple graphic design of the mountain state it makes it easy to do a statement piece for your backyard or home!    Time to make: 2.5 hours Using live edge boards or even reclaimed pallet wood, all you need is a little bit of color and letter “c” and you’re done!   3. Mountain Key Holder Another way to show your love […]

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Best 10 Wood Craft Projects

Best Wood Craft Projects When woodworking, not all wood craft projects have to be grandiose and complicated. We’ve gathered our favorite and best craft projects that are simple, easy, and most importantly: fun! 1. Beer caddy made with left over pine pieces from larger projects make up this piece! The live edge pieces on the sides and handle add rustic charm. 2. This contemporary wine rack has a large front piece with the bark still on it. Craft projects like this are deceptively simple to make! 3. Another type of wine rack made using reclaimed barn wood. This craft project is no different to make than using regular wood. 4. Woodworking is even easier with a project like this. Attach magnets to the back of a gorgeous piece of wood and voila! A custom knife rack! 5.  Wood craft projects can include outdoor items too. An outdoor doormat made using various woods with lots of color. 6. After cutting out areas of two boards, they join together to make a cell phone charging station! 7. In this wood craft project, they painted many small pieces of wood to create a custom collage art piece. 8. This bird house has the fun addition […]

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