Couple’s DIY Walnut Table Project
May 18, 2017 by cassandra in How to Build, Tables 1 Comment

Amanda & Billy’s Walnut Dining Table The wonderful couple Amanda and Billy wanted to create a unique statement piece for their house. They wanted a rustic yet modern dining table, but most importantly they made it together! Keep reading to see this couple’s DIY walnut table!   To start their project, the first step was picking out the wood and laying out the plan for the project. Amanda and Billy’s walnut pieces they picked were book matched. Book matched wood pieces are mirror images of each other and create a symmetrical design.   Amanda and Billy then cut the live edges off of the inside pieces to glue up together (pictured right and below). Their table is a farm style design. This means that the table top will appear to be “framed in” around the edges.   With a few drinks in hand, Amanda works with our owner Francis to plan out the next steps in the project!   After joining up the table, Amanda and Billy apply tung oil to really bring out the natural colors in the walnut table.   Now it’s complete! This couple’s diy table was made from raw boards from the forest to now a gorgeous […]

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Live Edge Woodworking: 6 Project Ideas
April 4, 2017 by cassandra in Tables 7 Comments

Many people aspire to have modern designs and furniture in their homes. However, if not done carefully, it can quickly become cold, stale, and uninteresting. What’s the fix? Something natural! Adding authentic, real wood featuring a live edge to your home can add texture and warmth. At I Made It we mill all of our own wood, so it comes straight to the shop as raw boards with live edges. This gives you a lot of options for how your final design will look!   The use of the live edge in this piece creates a unique look. This end table is created from a single board, then cut to make a box. This creates a continuous look  and the grain appears like a waterfall flowing over the edge. Finished with hair pin legs, this will be stunning in any entryway!   Here the live edge is a bit more subtle. Not every live edge has to be wild and crazy, the relatively clean lines with a few variations gives a nice look. Leaving the bark also gives a bit of contrast to the light colored wood.   Who says less is more? All three shelves have a live edge so even when […]

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Top 8 Reasons to DIY
February 23, 2017 by imieditor in Tables 3 Comments

Admit it.Few things compare to the satisfaction of emerging paint-splattered or covered in saw dust from the garage after a hard day’s work. Doing it yourself offers real gratification and empowerment in making something with your own two hands.Don’t believe us? Here are just a few reasons to DIY

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Rustic Tables : A world of options if you make it yourself
December 9, 2016 by IMIadmin in Tables 13 Comments

There are many benefits to making your own rustic tables; whether a dining table, coffee table, or side table. Most important is the sense of accomplishment, when your friends ask where you got your amazing table you can say “I Made It”. And it’s not hard, even if it’s your first time wood working! Click here to see a video of this timber being milled in Colorado. Then of course you get to choose the design to best fit the style of the room. Traditional Rustic is always popular but is often more suited to country homes and holiday houses than inner city Denver apartments. “Rustic Modern” is a popular alternative. By using a metal base with your Colorado live edge table top you create a great cross over look……. “Rustic Industrial” is an exciting trend. You can use metal pipe, bare metal or painted wood for a true industrial look.   “Farmhouse Tables” certainly fall into the rustic family. The style features a cross grain piece built into each end of the table top. It continues through the base with the addition of cross beams between the legs and lengthways from end to end. Of course there are infinite designs, make […]

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