Couple’s DIY Walnut Table Project

Couple’s DIY Walnut Table Project

Amanda & Billy’s Walnut Dining Table

The wonderful couple Amanda and Billy wanted to create a unique statement piece for their house. They wanted a rustic yet modern dining table, but most importantly they made it together! Keep reading to see this couple’s DIY walnut table!

Before picture of the walnut pieces


Planning out the designTo start their project, the first step was picking out the wood and laying out the plan for the project. Amanda and Billy’s walnut pieces they picked were book matched. Book matched wood pieces are mirror images of each other and create a symmetrical design.


Amanda and Billy then cut the live edges off of the inside pieces to glue up together (pictured right and below). Their table is a farm style design. This means that the table top will appear to be “framed in” around the edges.


With a few drinks in hand, Amanda works with our owner Francis to plan out the next steps in the project!

Discussing the plan for building the table


After joining up the table, Amanda and Billy apply tung oil to really bring out the natural colors in the walnut table.


Now it’s complete! This couple’s diy table was made from raw boards from the forest to now a gorgeous and custom dining table!

Finished table

The details in the walnut are stunning! Amanda and Billy also had custom legs made based on a Restoration Hardware base they had seen!

Close up of the wood  View of the table base

Finished couple's diy table


For neither Amanda or Billy to have ever done a woodworking project before, their diy table is stunning! At I Made It we take you through step by step to complete your very own masterpiece like this one!

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