Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

I Made It is your Woodshop. You'll start with an orientation where you'll tour the shop and get an overview of the tools, and sketch out your design. Then the fun begins.

Now you're ready to make!!!

Where does the wood come from?

We are all about being local and keeping a small footprint. I Made It mills all of the wood we use in the shop locally around Colorado's front range. We have Ponderosa Pine from the Black Forest Burn Scar in Colorado Springs. From the greater Denver area, you'll find Cottonwood, Elm, Cherry,Walnut and other species  that rotate in and out of the shop.

How much does it cost?

Rather than shelling out for a monthly membership fee, I Made It only charges by project. You can choose from our pre-priced catalogue of projects, or we charge by the boardfoot of wood. Projects include all shoptime, materials and instruction.

How do you calculate a board foot?

Board feet formula using inches:
(Length x Width x Thickness) / 144
Example: (48" x 30" x 1.25") / 144 = 12.5board feet

What tools are in the shop?

Saws: Miter, Band, Table, Circular, Jig
Drill Presses, Router, 15" Planer, Orbital and Disc/Belt Sanders, Wood Burners
Variety of Hand and Carving Tools

Can I store my projects in the shop?

Small projects are taken home until you come back to finish. Larger projects can be stored for up to 30 days while working on your project. After 30 days, there is a storage fee.

How long does it take?

Of course, that depends on what you're making and the complexity of your project.  Plan on a couple of sessions for smaller projects. Tables generally take 6-12 hours to complete depending on the size.

I want to make a table. What's the process?

Tables are our specialty!

Once you complete your orientation and Beginner level tool instruction, you'll:
· Choose your boards
· Cut the live edges off the timber
· Join the boards together

We then take the joined table top offsite to a commercial planer. It comes back professionally milled (leveled/sanded) so you don't have to spend hours sanding (yay!)

When it comes back, you'll fill any natural imperfections (like beetle burrows) with an epoxy resin.

If you choose wooden legs, you'll come back and build your base and legs. You'll do a little bit of finishing sanding, then attach the base and legs.

It's just that simple.

It will take around 6-12 hours to complete in 3-6 shop visits.

What is the Cost/Time for using resin in my project

Resin adds some cost to making a table, its just expensive material. It also adds a couple of extra visits to our shop, so an extra 4-6 hours in making your projects. This is because it takes 24 hours to dry per pour and only thin pours can be done at one time.

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