Rustic Tables : A world of options if you make it yourself

Rustic Tables : A world of options if you make it yourself

There are many benefits to making your own rustic tables; whether a dining table, coffee table, or side table. Most important is the sense of accomplishment, when your friends ask where you got your amazing table you can say “I Made It”. And it’s not hard, even if it’s your first time wood working!


Click here to see a video of this timber being milled in Colorado.

Then of course you get to choose the design to best fit the style of the room. Traditional Rustic is always popular but is often more suited to country homes and holiday houses than inner city Denver apartments.

“Rustic Modern” is a popular alternative. By using a metal base with your Colorado live edge table top you create a great cross over look…….

“Rustic Industrial” is an exciting trend. You can use metal pipe, bare metal or painted wood for a true industrial look.


“Farmhouse Tables” certainly fall into the rustic family. The style features a cross grain piece built into each end of the table top. It continues through the base with the addition of cross beams between the legs and lengthways from end to end.

Of course there are infinite designs, make sure to check out the “I Made It” Gallery to see what other rustic tables that first time woodworkers have made.

See you in the woodshop, lets make some sawdust!


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