10 Steps to Make a Butcher Block Knife

10 Steps to Make a Butcher Block Knife


We love to collaborate and get involved with those around us! We made floating butcher block shelves for our neighbors, Tea House and Book Store, soon to open in Five Points.



You’re casually browsing Pinterest and see an amazing idea for a shelf and think “That looks so easy, I could do that!” Then when you start to get working on the project and five trips to Home Depot later, you realize you bit off more than you can chew.

That’s where I Made It comes in. We want to give you an in depth look at how we did it (and how you can too!)

1. Pick out your wood.

We have a huge selection of pine and hardwoods in our shop. For this project we chose maple for its light color and the hardness of the wood.

2. Plane and cut your pieces

This ensures that each piece is exactly the same thickness.

3. Arrange the butcher block pattern

We wanted to leave open spaces so that spice jars could be placed in them.

4. Glue up the wood

5. Clamp, clamp, clamp!

One of the most crucial steps! This is all that holds the wood together, but once dry is a very strong hold.

6. Plane (again)

Now that the glue is dry, we plane off the glue rather than sanding to keep an even and level finish.

7. Sand it smooth

We want the shelves to be as smooth as butter! (or the woodworking equivalent).

8. Double check measurements and apply Minwax to your shelf.

For our finishing treatment of the shelves we use Minwax. This seals and protects the wood.

9. Install! 

We used cables through the shelves so that they are secure in hanging but also then are adjustable.

10. Admire your handiwork

Finally finished!


While this project may look more complicated than it is, you too can make it this! All it takes is a willingness to learn and put the effort in to make something beautiful!

Sign up here for a free orientation and tour of our shop.


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