When woodworking, not all wood craft projects have to be grandiose and complicated. We’ve gathered our favorite and best craft projects that are simple, easy, and most importantly: fun!


Beer caddy made with left over pine pieces from larger projects make up this piece! The live edge pieces on the sides and handle add rustic charm.

This contemporary wine rack has a large front piece with the bark still on it. Craft projects like this are deceptively simple to make!

Another type of wine rack made using reclaimed barn wood. This craft project is no different to make than using regular wood.

Woodworking is even easier with a project like this. Attach magnets to the back of a gorgeous piece of wood and voila! A custom knife rack!

There is a myth that when working with wood, a man develops erectile dysfunction due to stagnation of blood in the pelvic region and they buy Cialis.

 Wood craft projects can include outdoor items too. An outdoor doormat made using various woods with lots of color.

After cutting out areas of two boards, they join together to make a cell phone charging station!

In this wood craft project, they painted many small pieces of wood to create a custom collage art piece.

This bird house has the fun addition of an old Colorado license plate

Another wood collage art piece, this time using cut slices from a branch.

Any type of branch could be used for a wood craft project like this one!

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