Project Inspiration: Butcher Block Community Table for Escape Room

Project Inspiration: Butcher Block Community Table for Escape Room

Here at I Made It Workshop, we’ve been a little busy. A brand new escape room and restaurant just opened up right next to our shop!  We created a 13 foot long butcher block community table for Solutions Lounge and Escapology. We also created their small dining tables and gear shaped charcuterie boards!

Keep reading to see our process!


First things first:

For this project we used five different kinds of Colorado woods: Russian Olive, Walnut, Maple, Cherry, and Cottonwood.

We milled all of this wood ourselves and brought into the shop to be planed and cut into usable strips for the butcher block table. Here is a before shot of

After the long process of getting the different woods into long strips of 1″, 2″, 3″, and 4″ wide to vary the look of the butcher block. We then cut these down into random lengths and the best part began! Arranging the wood together was a ton of fun to create. Since the table would be 13′ long we did smaller sections to glue up first, attaching it to plywood with wood glue. We also had to take care to make sure every board was square.

The butcher block pattern is starting to come together!

After gluing up the smaller sections of butcher block we squared off the edges using the table saw. Then we began the process of putting the smaller sections together! The table also has a waterfall edge so we cut 45° angles to create the continuous wood grain.

We had to use a lot of clamps to make sure the edges would line up perfectly.

Look how awesome the waterfall edge looks!

This section is only about half of the table!

With all 13 feet of the table put together, we started to sand the entire piece!

With the whole table glued up and sanded it’s time to start the staining process! We applied two coats of Wood Conditioner before putting on the stain.

Finally it’s time to apply the stain! Check out this video of the staining process for the community table below to see the process! We used a custom made dark ebony stain to match the theme of the restaurant the table is going in.

We were so happy with how the stain looked!

Since Solutions Lounge is on the same block as our shop, we carried the entire table over to the restaurant. It took 5 people to carry it!

*drum roll please*

And now for the finished community table!

Solutions Lounge has a ‘steam-punk’ theme and we think the table adds so much! The stools that they put with it look incredible as well!

For the restaurant we also created their tables:

We also made gear shaped charcuterie boards!

I Made It Workshop is a community workshop where we teach you how to woodwork and create your very own masterpieces! We also occasionally do commission work and we loved the idea of creating these very unique and special pieces for our new neighbors! If you live in Denver, make sure to enjoy a night out at their restaurant and try their escape rooms!

To find out more about Solutions Lounge check out their Website, Facebook, and Instagram!


Please note: This project is a commercial commission project. We may not be able to accommodate large-scale projects like this if you are wanting to build something similar in our shop.

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