Welcome to Your Urban Garage

I Made It Workshops' store front.

Welcome to Your Urban Garage

Resin is beautiful and the process is always fun!A Place for Makers to Gather

Garages, workshops, and space in general is a rare commodity in Denver. The problem is clear- there isn’t enough space for Makers to create! A common complaint among woodworkers in Denver. Our solution– a coworking space. Thus, the idea for an “urban garage” was born.  

Similar to a restaurant or coworking space, we house specialty equipment, a knowledgeable staff, and offer quality service. And similar to a bar, we have a bar! A garage isn’t a garage without beer.

A Community Workshop in Denver

I Made It Workshop is a collective of woodworkers, crafters, and other DIYer’s in the Denver area. We are open to makers of every background; no matter the experience or skill level. It’s easy; walk in, grab wood, and start working. If that’s too intimidating, sign up for one of our many classes or events. You can work in a group or alone.

Not a serious woodworker but interested in developing a new skill or working with your hands? We have projects for all skill levels; perfect for family fun, a productive evening, or date night. I Made It Workshop has something for everyone to enjoy. Join a community of makers and woodworkers today.

A Few Projects From Our Urban Garage

Projects completed at I Made It Workshops.

Visit Us

We have woodworking classes near you!a If you’re interested in working with your hands but can’t find the space, give us a call or drop by the shop. We offer a wide range of tools, projects, and experience for skilled and amateur woodworkers.

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