5 Easy Steps: Denver’s Premiers Community Workshop’s Guide to Woodworking for Beginners

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5 Easy Steps: Denver’s Premiers Community Workshop’s Guide to Woodworking for Beginners

Let be honest, who doesn’t want woodworking as a hobby, to be able to knock together a spring planter or glue up a new cutting board!

In an age where we are increasing detached from the physical skills our ancestors passed down generation to generation it’s sometimes hard to know where to even begin, right?

Luckily that’s what I Made It Workshop Denver is for, to introduce beginners to Woodworking and to bring the color of Colorado right to your custom crafted wood project. I Made It provides Woodworking classes in Denver, and even then you’re not on your own. We provide instructors at arm’s reach all the way through the process to support.

Step 1. Orientation

Fun and informative, this is the 40 minute ‘must know’ crash course in workshop safety is how to navigate around I Made It’s modern and clean downtown space. The next four steps are covered in the orientation and are the same starting steps for hundreds of woodworking projects!

Step 2 – Picking Out Your Wood

I Made It follows a “Forest to Table” philosophy. That means we harvest all wood we use in the shop right here in Colorado. We only bring the best most interesting pieces in for our makers to use.  You’ll get to select your live edge boards with the help of an instructor.

Step 3 – Planing

Then we’re off to use the planer. The planer shaves any roughness of the boards leaving them smooth in just a couple of easy passes.

Step 4 – Cutting off the Sides

Of course we’ll need straight sides if we’re going to glue boards together. We use a special table saw called Sawstop which is amazingly safe to cut to edges of the boards.

Step 5 – Joining

The last step on our way to a hundreds of different projects is to join our boards together. Using an ingenious tool called a biscuit joiner we’ll make little cuts in the side of the boards and glue small wood ‘biscuits’ between them to hold the boards together.

So, what are you going to make?

I Made it is Denver’s primer Community Woodshop featuring classes and instruction to create custom woodworking projects. Sign up for a class today!

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