I Made It Workshops – Featured on The Denver Pod Cast

The Denver Pod Cast

I Made It Workshops – Featured on The Denver Pod Cast

Woodworking in the City

Francis explained how I Made It came to start, albeit they started on a smaller scale with smaller projects in mind. Catching the Makers revolution quenching the urban residents’ thirst to create great projects out of wood. But as the population in Downtown Denver grew, more and more Denverites and city dwellers found their apartments cramped. There was no space to be creative with power and woodworking tools. So I Made It looked for a larger space, now in the Five-Points neighborhood of Denver creating an urban garage and community woodshop of sorts that allows people to still expand their creative thoughts, through woodworking.

Urban Garage

The biggest idea the differentiate I Made It Workshops from other maker spaces, is that they are not membership-based, they bill on a per-project basis. This is a huge advantage that allows anyone to enjoy the benefits of the community woodshop and not have to worry about monthly fees and get a freestyle atmosphere that allows them to be creative and to transform wood it beautiful pieces. Francis’s focus is that clients get constant instruction guiding them through all the steps of their project and tool usage. The main goal is to introduce as many people as they can to woodworking, and get people straight into making and creating beautiful wood projects.

Beyond the Basics

People come to I Made It Workshops to get beyond the basics. Francis and crew immerses them into woodworking allowing them to complete beautiful complex projects. The focus isn’t just one tool, but all the tools at the woodworker’s disposal allowing them the make a one of a kind piece. Having 2 or 3 instructors always in house clients always have sounding boards and guidance to help create their vision and accomplish it in a few short visits.

Table Making 101

We also call this our orientation class which is FREE and is an introduction to the woodshop and most of the tools. The first four steps to most projects are the same; picking the wood, planing it down, cutting the edges and joining it together. Best of all you can enjoy our beer and wine bar during the class and start your journey into woodworking.

Forest to Table

I Made it Workshops ethically source wood from local areas along the Front Range including the Black Forest burn scar. Most of the trees are from overgrowth and come down for fire mitigation reasons. It very important for the woodshop to harvest ethically, and to use local species, much of which I Made It mills themselves.


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