I Made It Featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

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I Made It Featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

I Made It Workshops of Denver was featured in the June/July Issue of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles. Read the entire story below to see more of what owners Francis and Loretta Eggleton have to say about their growing business.


A NEW ZEALANDER and a “basically native” Coloradan walk into a Christmas party, meet, fall in love, and then marry and create one of the coolest woodworking shops in Denver. Francis and Loretta Eggelton started I Made It Workshop in 2014 to provide a collective environment where makers of all skill levels could harness their creative energy, man the power tools and create original pieces.

“We saw people in the city not having anywhere to experience their creative side,” says Francis. “This gives them the space to explore that.”

The urban, garage-like workshop in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood houses all the materials needed for each project: locally sourced timber (much of which is from the Black Forest fire’s burn scar in Colorado Springs), heavy-duty equipment like planers and table saws, and epoxy resin for the finishing touches.

What started as a part-time gig has turned into a full-time operation. In four years, the forest-to-table concept has churned out a bevy of charcuterie boards, bar stools, benches, shelves, picture frames and more than 100 handmade tables.

“We thought in the beginning that we’d be making mostly cutting boards and wine racks, but people really embraced making tables,” Francis says.

The workshop is not membership-based, so customers can come and go as they please and pay per project, all while taking advantage of the 100-percent instruction-based space. “It is a leap of faith,” Loretta says. Francis adds:

“But no one leaves disappointed, because we are constantly with you. You can’t go somewhere and buy that table. It means so much more when you make it yourself.”


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