Denver, Colorado’s Favorite Woodworking Studio’s Fall Classes

Denver, Colorado’s Favorite Woodworking Studio’s Fall Classes

At I Made It Workshops we love our woodworking classes at our Denver, Colorado urban woodworking studio, where with no knowledge we can teach you how to make something fantastic out of wood. Over the summer we have toyed with all different types of classes trying to bring a variety of different avenues for you to experience woodworking.

Fall Woodworking in Denver

This fall we are looking to change up our woodworking classes to those core classes that our clients love. We know that our clients like interesting projects making tables or working with resin. We also know they love creative date nights or doing something fun with friends. The social aspect of our fun classes are nothing to look over, so you can be sure there is always fun to be had at I Made It.

Denver’s most popular wood working classes

Resin Cheese Board Class

resin cheese board class

Do you love the trend of Resin Rivers in woodworking? Then this is the starting place for you. With the help of our skilled woodworking instructors you get to create a one of a kind piece. We call it our Resin Cheese Board class as you will love to show it off when you entertain in your home. Select the perfect piece of wood and you will be able to choose from dozens of colors for your Resin River. We teach you different pouring techniques to gain different textures and elements to this project.

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It’s not just a cutting board

Charcuterie Board Class

This class is almost as fun as spelling “charcuterie”. Let it roll of your tongue and realize these aren’t your basic cutting boards. I Made It have taking cutting boards to the next level with the class, creating something that you can use daily in your kitchen, with having known you made it. These boards are filled with beautiful natural colored woods that are sourced both locally and throughout the world. Make your’s unique by beveling, adding handles or sculpting the corners – all taught to you by our amazing woodworking instructors.

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The Best Date Night in Denver

Ring Making Class

Denver Ring Making Class

This is truly the best and most unique date night in Denver! However you don’t have to bring a date you can bring a friend and make these fantastic wood rings. This class is all about creating a unique wood project. Enjoy the fun social setting and meet new people and walk away with something totally cool!

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Denver Before Brunch? Absolutely!

Soap Making Class

Denver Soap Making

Who doesn’t love organic soap? In this class held one Saturday a month our instructor will guide you through the soap making process. Choosing from wonderful organic ingredients like coconut, olive and palm oils you will create something that is healthy and great for your skin.  Walk away from this class with 9+ bars of soap hand crafted by you! This is a wonderful way to kick off your weekend and you will enjoy the atmosphere of this I Made It class!

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Colorado’s most popular coffee table

Coffee Table Class

Live Edge Coffee Table

Did you see one of these in your friend’s living room? Why it is super popular, the best thing about making your own is its unique a different from anyone else’s. Take pride in crafting one of our great hairpin coffee tables from locally and reasonably sourced woods. Our Forest to Table concept uses wood removed from Colorado forest for fire mitigation or as part of natural fire burn scares. These woods have vibrant and beautiful colors! Our shop is filled with wood that has great live edges bring that Colorado rustic feel home to your living room. I Made It Workshop’s instructors will guide you through every step in creating a wonderful coffee table.

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