Charcuterie Board Class

The best everyday cutting board. Period!

A charcuterie board is so much more than a cutting board. Its deigned with great and unique wood and most importantly it’s made by you. Our woodworking instructors guide you through every step of the process giving you the ability to learn new tools and woodworking techniques. These boards are filled with beautiful wood from all parts of the world. You will have design flexibility when it comes to edges, corners and handles. This is a piece you will use daily and admire that fact that you created such a beautiful board.

There are two options for this class. You can come in and create your board from scratch choosing the wood and design. This takes two sessions to complete. Or, in one session you can complete one of the gorgeous boards our instructors have designed and glued up and take it home the same day.

What to expect at our Downtown Denver Woodworking shop and from our Charcuterie Board Class:

  • Hands on Woodworking
  • First Class Instructors
  • Design Flexability with edges, corners and handles
  • A Beautiful Charcuterie Baord
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