Our Community Woodshop is open during normal hours for Open Workshop!

Come in any time and our instructors will help you work on your project. We are always here to help, but it’s a good idea to let us know you’re coming!
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Want to learn more about I Made it Workshop? Then come take a tour of our shop and learn the tools and safety features in this introductory class. This is a great introduction to woodworking but not a prerequisite to any class. 

Open Woodshop

Dedicated time for our instructors to help you continue to work on your project. Sign up for one slot per project. Each slot is for one-hour. For more than one hour, sign up for additional time slots.

Resin River Coffee Table

Sign up for our class to build a unique Resin River Coffee Table! In this beginner-friendly class, you’ll work with our talented instructors to transform rough-cut, live-edge wood into a beautiful, finished piece of furniture! This functional piece of art will add a touch of beauty and style to any living space plus the satisfaction of saying “I built this” when guests admire your custom table. 

Resin Cheese Board

In this hands on class, you’ll learn all about the ins and outs of resin in woodworking. You will learn about how to set up the project, add color or objects to the resin, and how to make a glass like finish!  This class takes 3 visits to complete.  In the first class, you’ll assemble and put you first layer of colored resin in. Next you’ll come back to plane sand and topcoat.  To finish, you’ll come back to sand the bottom and coat with polyurethane.

Charcuterie Cutting Board

This class is great for woodworking novices. We will teach how to make your very own cutting board. You will learn how to plane, cut, and sand your cutting board and be able to take it home the same day!

Soap Making

Everyone uses soap, but have you ever wondered how it’s made? In this monthly class, you’ll come home with 9+ bars of soap made from organic coconut, olive and palm oils and the skills to make soap again and again!

Date Night Ring Making Class

This is a great class for couples looking to experience a project of unity. Chose a wood that speaks to your heart and create something that will last a lifetime. These wood rings are functional and everlasting. The class is $55 per couple and includes 2 rings. (One Booking Per Couple)

Resin Pour Into Wood

Resin Pour

Schedule time for your resin pouring project. This time slot is dedicated for resin pour projects to give you the best resin pouring quality.

Pizza Peel

Fire up your woodworking skills and make a Pizza Peel (the tool chefs use to slide a pizza into the oven!) You’ll start by joining up various hardwoods and return during open workshop hours to finish up your project.